Emcee Craziness/Further Proof that Nate Fridson is Awesome

Last night I decided to get practice by emceeing an open mic.  I got a lot more than I bargained for.

The night started alright and normal, but the third comic up was the wonderful Nate Fridson, who you may remember from when I interviewed him for Episode 2 of Nerd Comic Rising.

What makes this especially funny/interesting is that while interviewing him we talked about an over all lack of hecklers in Detroit.

Oh how wrong I was.  This belligerent drunk guy heckled Nate and Nate went to work, which is what you see in the fabulous video here.

So that was absolutely brilliant, but the night didn’t end there.  Crazy drunk guy still had to do his “comedy” which was a bit like watching the last ten minutes of an E True Hollywood Story special.  He had to be yelled at to get off stage, and when he did decide to stumble away he couldn’t even put the mic back in the stand.  Oh, yeah, he also decided to get Nate back, at least I think he was trying to in his drunken rambling.  The funny part was that Nate was long gone at that point and probably didn’t give this dude another thought, but this dude was obsessed with retribution, even though he probably has no idea what that word means.

But then the dudes best buddy also had to go up, and when he was told to leave the stage, he actually refused, saying, over and over, “I gotta talk about the children.  I gotta talk about the children”

He got his mic shut off, so he left it on the stool and left angry.

And this crazy circus was my first time emceeing.

Good news is, if I can handle all of that insanity, I think I can emcee anything.