Doctor Who – Season Six – Episode One – Impossible Astronaut Review

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I may have mentioned this a time or two before but DOCTOR WHO IS LIKE MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER!!!  And this week marked episode one of the new season and I was SO EXCITED!!!  So here’s my spoiler filled review of Season six, episode one, “The Impossible Astronaut”

I’ve been spoiling. Faster than I’ve ever spoiled. And I’ve been spoiling my whole life.


*THE SILENCE * Stephen Moffat has done it again.  The silence is scary.  Really freaking scary.  Like -so scary my wife wanted to sleep with the lights on- scary.  The idea of a creature that you forget the minute you stop looking at them is maybe even scarier than the Weeping Angels, and that is saying a lot.

*TIMEY WIMEY* Stephen Moffat is doing something brilliant with Who, using it to tell stories that can only be told with a TARDIS.  Meeting the 1100 and some year old doctor (which puts Bilbos eleveny-one to shame) only to watch him die, then see our 909 year old one return is nothing short of amazing.  Especially with such skilled actors playing the doctor’s companions.  Watching them go through the gambit of emotions through the first fifteen minutes was truly amazing.

*Stetsons* Let’s face it, Stetsons are cool.


*NIXON* I can’t imagine this is true for everybody, but I almost wish they would start avoiding using Nixon in movies and TV for a while..  It always seems a little laughable to me, the same way an Elvis impression is, even when done seriously.

*ZOMBIE DOCTOR* As cool as the Doctor dying was, it makes me a little nervous.  The Doctor can’t stay dead, obviously, which means the death must be thwarted somehow, and it only worries me because my biggest pet peeve with Doctor Who is it’s over reliance on Deus Ex Machina endings, and I worry I’m smelling one a mile away.


*NOT ON DVD YET* I have to wait a whole week?!  A whole week!?  * shudders * How can I ever make it?


#1 I Bet that was River that killed the Doctor.  That’s why, when she tried to shoot the “astronaut” and missed she uttered “Off Course Not.”  Because she was firing on herself.

#2 That ambiguous kid in the space suit is Amelia’s kid.


It was a great first episode.  I wish I could watch part 2 right now!  It did a really good job setting up for what I think will be a really great season.  A week is too long to wait for more who, but it’s a lot better than my wait from Christmas to now!