Doctor Who – Season 6 – Episode 6 – The Almost People Review

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So because of Memorial Day Weekend, Americans had to wait an extra week to get this episode of Doctor Who (unless of course you are a dirty pirate like myself).  Let me give sarcastic props to BBC America who lobbied so hard to get same day airing only to get rid of it for probably the craziest cliffhanger in Doctor who history.

But, there has been enough internet harping about BBC America’s folly, so let’s move on.  I’m very much reminded of a two part story from last season (you know, the one where Rory died the first time).  It all seemed like a pretty toss away two parter, I could barely get myself to care about the Silurians running around wanting to start a war, when five minutes of craziness happened at the end: Rory died, and we got are first clue as to what started the rift in time and space when the doctor reached in the crack and found a shard of his own TARDIS.  It was awesome, but this weeks was a lot better.

So without further adieu, let’s get into my spoiler filled review of Episode 6 The Almost People.

I was going to drop you off for fish and chips first, but things happen and stuff, and… spoilers. It’s a beautiful word, “Spoilers.”


*THE SWITCHEROO – What makes this episode actually a great episode rather than a toss away (other then M Night Shanna-ending) is the fact that the doctor and the Doctor-ganger switched places.  This makes a lot of the things crazy, such as Amy spilling the beans about the death in the first episode to the Doctor Doctor when she thinks shes talking to the Doctor Ganger.  It helps the audience cope with the fact that they’ve been hanging with play-doh Amy for some undisclosed amount of time.  All in all it’s just great stuff.  (Plus how great is the dramatic irony that  Amy is the prejeduce one when she herself is a fake Amy….or Famy.)

* THE DOCTORGANGER – The first five minutes of the episode are the most brilliant.  How many fans squeed at the sounds of old incarnations of the doctor coming out of Matt Smith?  Not only was it cool from a fan-wank perspective, but the fact that they addressed the fact that the doctor’s 900 year old brain would take a minute or two more to digest was great.

* SOYLENT GREEN WAS ALIVE THE WHOLE TIME AND THE CAKE WAS A LIE – There have been a lot of WTF OMG BBQ Episodes of Doctor Who that left you so salivating for the next one that you contemplated hopping on a plane to cross the pond just so you could get the episode that much faster (the first appearance of the Master in the new series springs to mind) but can anything top this?  We find out that we’ve been watching FAMY for god knows how long, and that eye patch lady is her very creepy birthing coach.


* THE MONSTER - Why did she go crazy when no other Fleshy did?  Why could she get all Terminator 2ish?  And how thick is Rory?


The end to the Doctor Ganger and the Ganger chick was wayyy contrived.  They both had to pass for the plot to make sense, but they could have easily got in the TARDIS so that the Doctor Doctor could zap fry the monster (as there was clearly enough time).  I’m all for clean plot lines and all, but this was a bit blatant.


* FAMY: SHE DIDN’T LIVE FOREVER – We have had Fake Amy since the Episode1/Episode2 Break, and now real Amy is about to give birth to that girl Melody.  Melody Pond sounds a lot like River Song, I’m not even confident enough to say that means anything, but it’s a pretty cool clue nonetheless.


*LADY IN THE WALL- The Lady in the wall is opening a version of the “crack from season 5, a whole in time and place.  My bold prediction.  What the heck, let’s go crazy.  It’s the same girl, Amy’s child, but as an adult.

I made that one in my review of Episode 3.  What can I say?  I had just watched a bunch of pirates, maybe I had Scurvey.

* GANGERS WON’T FEEL SO H.G. WELL - They spent a lot of needless time having the one normie sneeze a lot.  I’m guessing in the end all the gangers will die from the common cold.  I don’t want this to happen, again, it’s horribly cliché, but such is life.  Clearly they have to have them all die in some sort of inevitable way anyways, otherwise the presence of the gangers (especially the one that looks like Matt Smith) presents to many problems.

I made this one, obviously, for episode 5.  I’m glad it didn’t happen, but it makes me ask the question “Why did he sneeze so much?”  Did he just have a cold on set and they decided to leave it in?


It wasn’t a great episode overall, but the beginning and the end made up for it to make it into a great episode.  I can’t wait for the next one.  I’m sad that this will be the last Who till September, but I’m glad that we get another Moffat written episode next week.